Our Process

​​We are dedicated to working with you transparently, efficiently, and  as an  extension of your team.  Our goal is to make you succeed in your project. 

Our collaboration will begin  with a free consulting session, to understand your needs. We will devise a plan for your approval and will start working immediately.

You will receive reports at every milestone. You can contact us every day of the week, 9 am-5 pm  to discuss every step of the work.  

Let us

IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE by adding our strength to yours 

Nanoparticle characterization is our expertise.  we have the knowledge and the facilities to do your nanoparticle separation, purification and characterization for you, so you can work and invest on other aspects of your business. 

Our Approach

Whether it’s a sample analysis, training you or your staff, helping you run your instrumentation efficiently, designing a methodology for your application  or helping you with data analysis, the essence of our business is to  assure  we create value and deliver with speed.

Our process is guided by ethics and team collaboration. Whatever your idea, need, or problem, Imessa Research  will help you throughout all the steps. We will be available to you for trouble shooting, consultation and problem solving from the beginning of our collaboration till the end. 

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About Us

Mission statement: 

Our mission is to play a part in the advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology.  Keeping in mind that physico-chemical characterization of nanoparticles has been a major obstacle in this field, our focus is to provide industries, scientists, engineers, and technicians,  world-class nanoparticle characterization and consulting services. 

Why US?

 Our 25+ years experience in the field on nanotechnology and nanoparticle characterization allows us to identify the problem areas and how we can or cannot be helpful to you.  

We can device methodologies for different applications in a quick and efficient manner.  We are confident in our capabilities to solve your problems.

We own or have access to cutting edge nanoparticle separation and characterization instruments.  We can provide further confirmation  of the results through ancillary techniques if needed. 


collaboration, affiliate,

 We welcome opportunities for scientific collaboration with academia or industry and offer our servises for a considerably reduced rate. If you are a K-12 teacher in our area and would like us to do a free demo or lecture in your classroom, please contact us by e-mail. 

We also welcome affiate opportunities. Please contact us if your company wants to become an affiliate or representative of Imessa Research. 

For internship and employment opportinities please send us your CV.